Why subsidized transit makes sense

The Calgary Sun recently published an article outlining the results of a pilot program where the cost of transit passes where scaled to income.

The results were quite astounding. More than 10,000 Calgarians bought and used the pass at the lowest fare level – $5.05.

What does this say? This says there is a need for access to transit proportional to income.

Access to affordable transit increases ridership, which would bring Kamloops closer to meeting its sustainability goal. More importantly, increasing access to public transit means increased access to jobs, social services, and health care services.

This allows those on a fixed income to get to jobs outside of where they live and allows entire families to have bus passes, instead of just one person.

I would definitely advocate for a program like this in Kamloops. It is a concrete, tried and proven approach to removing barriers and building community capacity.

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