City Vision

I’m proud to be part of this community. Kamloops is growing and developing into a unique city – one that is:

A City of Equal Opportunity

  • Enhanced and increased accessibility to enable equal access to opportunity for all citizens in our community.
  • Safe and open community for all generations
  • Increase access to employment, mobility and community enjoyment creating a more inclusive city, removing physical and logistical barriers.

Dedicated to Progress

  • Generate economic growth by supporting local businesses, traditional and new, and job creation–keeping our talent at home.
  • Amend taxation policies to be more business-friendly.
  • Empower entrepreneurs to create, innovate & build capital.

Affordable & Adaptable

  • Create access to safe and affordable homes for all residents, across the entire spectrum of need.
  • Recognize housing as the foundation of a vibrant & prosperous community.
  • Develop comprehensive and consistent developer incentive and revitalization tax exemption programs.